Flore Desnoux

Flore Desnoux

Senior Consultant & Coach


French & English

Flore Desnoux

To Flore

As a French national, Flore grew up in Lyon where she studied and began her professional career. After graduating with a Master's degree from a business and management school, she chose to specialize in human resources during her final year of studies before joining a leading group in this sector. She has held several positions in France and Switzerland within this group


Flore Desnoux is passionate about human relations. She combines energy and sensitivity, rational and intuition, to facilitate interactions with people. Her approach reconciles structure and flexibility as well as tangible results and goodwill. She takes an interest in artistic activities, as evidenced by her practice of classical and modern dance, which allows her to reconcile her values of elevation, demand, open-mindedness and freedom through body and emotional expression.