For pdp performance development partners, training is a partnership which has to take into account the specifics of each participating member. Our trainers have hands-on management experience which ensures that training programs reflect real business requirements and are tailored to each specific situation. The benefits of our training approach:

  • participants hold the central role in all programs and are actively involved throughout the process.
  • progress is tangible in the participants’ improved understanding of the organization and relationships, as well as in their enhanced people and listening skills.
  • our professional trainers’ experience in managing organizations and change ensures that our training programs tie in precisely with your organization’s needs.
  • structured training modules ensure that participants can draw parallels with their business context.

3 key steps in our programs:

  • participants are assessed in order to determine the precise number of hours necessary for each training module, as well as to ensure homogeneous groups.
  • training proposals are adjusted to the needs of each homogeneous group, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • our highly effective trainers will ensure that training is targeted to the individual needs of the participants.

examples of our programs:

  • team-building
  • time management
  • stress prevention and management
  • negotiation techniques
  • presentation techniques
  • public speaking
  • becoming a manager
  • managing complexity and ambiguity
  • the manager as a coach