Notice board

The aim of this page is to provide pdp candidates with the opportunity to share announcements related to their career search or entrepreneurial project. If you want to post something, please complete this form and return it, together with any relevant other document you would also like to share (preferably in pdf format) by clicking here. Kindly allow up to 48 hours to see your announcement posted. Please note that announcements will remain posted for 60 days and will then be automatically deleted.

date October 19, 2020
subject Sample first announcement on notice board
description In this section please clarify the topic you wish to announce, e.g, I am interested in company XYZ. If you have been in touch with this company, could you please contact me?
name Joe Johns
email/phone nr  /  077 999 99 99
documents attached If you have documents that could help understand the topic, please list their names here and attach them to your email.