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December 16, 2020


Contribute to our new app: Share a recipe or beverage to make people travel with their senses during the Holiday season


Rouge FM will communicate on our initiative next week (Dec 21st 9:30, 22nd 18:20, 26th 10:40, 27th 17:30).

We’d like to make people travel with their senses despite COVID measures worldwide and are therefore collecting delicious recipes and fine wines from all around the world to enlighten the season’s holiday.

Should you wish to share one yourself ASAP or know someone who would be curious and support this initiative, please feel free to use this link to be an “Epicurean Master”

Many thanks in advance for your precious support to an EPFL & EHL based startup with PDP and ex-PDP members on board!



email/phone nr / WhatsApp +41 21 881 47 47

Visit to access the app.