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    Share experiences on best practices and get support from the pdp community on how you can use Linkedin and other social media in your search

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    Reading through the posts on Linkedin this morning, there was a post on ensuring you have added a summary and all your information in your profile. I thought it was good advice and I went in my profile to add a summary. I then thought I would check the information I had in my profile. I realised that I hadn’t put in any of my education, certificates and my work details were not all listed there, even though I was certain that I had loaded my CV previously.

    If there is one piece of advice I can give you today: go and check your profile.

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    Thanks for your comment. It is essential to always check your profile on Linked

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    Hi Susan, Corinne,

    Thank you for having hosted this “LinkedIn Workshop” @ PDP/St Sulpice this afternoon.
    It was very helpful indeed.

    I really liked the interactions between Corinne, yourself … and the other participants.
    In addition to being a great presenter, you were flexible enough to answer our on going questions and adapt the flow of your presentation to the audience.

    These past 2 months, I followed Udemy video trainings on Linkedin but there is something I got today that I did not get before and that makes this workshop unique …. You gave us valuable stories and Tips …from the eyes of the HR person/recruiter…


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    A belated thank you for your very positive feedback! Happy to know you got what you needed out of our presentation! Best regards, Susan

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