hr services

pdp performance development partners supports HR leaders during internal and external change such as mergers and acquisitions, and in situations of diversification, centralization or streamlining. We pledge to recommend constructive and concrete solutions and to provide clients with pragmatic, actionable, measurable and sustainable improvement proposals while ensuring cost effectiveness.

the needs of Human Resources (HR) are by nature unique, and the support offered by pdp is systematically tailored to each client’s specific requirements. pdp‘s HR consulting support includes:

  • the selection process, including evaluating competencies and skills assessments
  • support and advice on restructuring and change management processes
  • human resources and business strategies, including support for companies relocating to Switzerland
  • hr audit, operational and strategic advisory support

selection process

whether a business is new or firmly established, assigning the right person to the right position is a key success factor. pdp provides support in selecting members for a management team, whether internally or externally. By combining skills assessments with establishing a behavioral profile, pdp evaluates candidates’ development potential and fit with the business culture and strategy.

restructuring and change

restructuring inevitably unsettles interpersonal dynamics as well as the interaction between different functions in the organization. Through structured and objective interaaaas, pdp helps clients understand how key players identify with the business’s culture and values.

human resources and business strategies

pdp helps clients align their human resources structure and objectives with their business strategy and future development. pdp examines how the organization positions itself in terms of:

  • vision and mission
  • objective and strategy
  • actions and behavior

analyzing expectations and perceptions in the organization helps redefine the role and positioning of the HR function, and supports it in becoming a full-fledged strategic business partner.

hr audit

in a constantly changing environment, the HR function must rely on the right competencies to face its business needs. pdp‘s HR audit process enables clients to assess their HR organization in terms of its structure, technical and behavioural strengths, communication tools, policies, processes and resources.