hr consulting

pdp works alongside executives and their hr teams in times of internal or external changes, be it mergers and acquisitions, diversification strategies, cash pooling or the narrowing down the business scope.

we will recommend practical and constructive solutions to any problem and will provide our clients with solutions that are pragmatic, realistic, feasible, measurable, and financially sound.

pdp provides specific hr advisory services in the following areas:

human resources and business strategy

pdp helps clients bring the structure and goals of their hr function in line with the company’s development strategy. in order to do this, pdp proposes on the one hand, to analyze whether the hr philosophy falls in line with the overall corporate philosophy; and, on the other hand, to analyze whether the company’s corporate philosophy in terms of human resources allows the hr function to align with the overall corporate philosophy. this analysis includes the following key points:

  • vision and mission;
  • goals and strategies;
  • actions and behaviors.


analyzing the gap between the respective expectations and perceptions of the various stakeholders will allow to redefine the hr role and strategy and build a partnership between the HR function and the company management.

reorganization and change management

any attempt at reorganizing will inevitably have an impact on interpersonal dynamics as well as the interactions between the various functions in the organization. by providing structured, neutral interviews, we help you to identify the level of adherence to the culture and values of the “institution” and we propose practical action plans to restore balance.

the day the redundancy plan is announced, pdp will, together with the institution’s senior management, be available to introduce pdp and explain the key components of the career transition program which will be part of the severance package. pdp also offers the following services:

  • preparing managers for redundancy interviews;
  • on-site support by our consultants on “d” day;
  • managing the impact of a reorganization on employees.


hr audit

in a constantly changing environment, the hr function should be able to demonstrate the required skills to meet the business needs in the short, medium and long terms. pdp hr audit services help you take stock of your hr function in terms of organizational structure, skills (know-how and interpersonal skills), means of communication, processes, procedures and resources.