the executive coaching programs provided by pdp performance development partners enhance individual learning and development while achieving agreed-upon business goals. Each program builds on a solid partnership between key stakeholders in the sponsoring organization and the participant. By providing insights, information, tools, guidance and feedback, the coaches help individuals build their leadership effectiveness and credibility.

Certified coaches implement the business-related objectives, whether to raise the participants’ managerial competencies or to help them build and motivate their teams.

we work with your staff based on their individual personal and professional competencies, managerial and leadership styles.
To this effect, we operate at three distinct levels:

  • young talents in charge of teams of 3 to 12 people. Your aim is to accelerate their managerial development by 6 to 18 months, in order to groom them moving forward.
  • managers in charge of other managers. These managers hold strategic roles within your organization and you wish to ensure that they function efficiently in a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and often geographically dispersed structure.
  • executives in charge of a profit center or leading a global function. They are looking for an external sparring partner to challenge their strategic plans and enhance their overall impact and efficiency.

our approach focuses on the managers’ daily dealings with their staff and peers. Coaching is personalized and focused on achieving the managers’ individual and collective objectives. Learnings are immediately applicable; results are therefore rapidly tangible.

last but not least, results are sustainable on the long term, based on subsequent follow-up phases, success becoming the norm.