Valérie Cocatrix

Valérie Cocatrix, a French citizen, trained as a business lawyer and earned a Masters in Business Administration at the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises of Bordeaux, France.

Valérie has over twenty years of experience in the banking industry where she worked in a variety of capacities. She started her career as a Corporate Customer Officer and then moved to internal audit dealing with governance, risk and quality management. Next she operated as project director in different fields such as internal communication and was in charge of a team of six controllers for Private banking activities. Valérie has lived and worked successively in Paris, Athens, Boston and Geneva.

A strong communicator, Valérie has demonstrated her ability to build networks and long lasting relationships. Her strengths are in managing both people and projects.

Her deep interest in managing change and in coaching individuals have now led Valérie to devote her expertise and talents to the human resources area. In 2012, she joined PDP in a business development capacity, and now leverages her personal expertise and intuitive skills to support career transition activities.

In 2018 Valerie became a certified coach recognized by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She continues her career transition support activities and also provides coaching to managers.

Valérie’s working language is mainly French.