Patrick Favre

Born in Geneva, Patrick Favre, a Swiss and French citizen, studied Economics at Ann Arbor University of Michigan.

Patrick began his career in the sales and marketing field, working for major car brands in Switzerland. Based in the UK, he subsequently created his own company, successfully distributing driver training simulators worldwide for over 10 years. This experience led him to move into the coaching/training field which he has developed as his own business for the past 17 years. Focusing primarily on sales, communication and consumer orientation techniques, Patrick develops and delivers tailor-made programs adapted to all hierarchical levels. Aside from his role as a coach and trainer, Patrick is an active board member of several companies, where he shares his knowledge and expertise as an entrepreneur.

Patrick’s deep interest and experience in training and coaching motivated him to join PDP as an active board member early 2011. He will be a key player in supporting the development of PDP’s training offer.

Patrick’s working languages are French and English.