Katarzyna Jonin

Katarzyna Jonin has always been fascinated by "numbers" throughout her career and driven by her love for travel and the discovery of new cultures. Her native Poland’s political openness, allowed her to travel, get to know other countries and finally settle in Switzerland. Over the years, she has developed a great empathy in helping others in both her private and professional life. Perfectionist through her love of numbers, she attaches a great importance to quality back-office work.

Katarzyna joined pdp in March 2021 as an accounting secretary and office manager, based in Saint-Sulpice. She uses her enthusiasm, collaborativeness and skills to manage all accounting tasks as well as carrying out various administrative tasks related to the organization of internal and external meetings and events.

Katarzyna is motivated by acquiring new skills and knowledge and to reach excellence to fully meet the expectations of candidates and colleagues.

After a rich and varied professional career of over ten years in compliance, back-office banking and customer services industries, Katarzyna – or Kasia for her friends – has decided to reorient her career towards accounting in 2017 and aims to obtain the Swiss federal diploma as a finance and accounting specialist in June 2021.

A Swiss national of Polish origin, Katarzyna studied economics at the University of Wrocław before attending the University of Lausanne for a master's degree in economics in 2001.

Katarzyna was a volunteer coordinator at Lausanne’s Polish school for a few years. Today, she volunteers as secretary of the Badminton Club in Oron, supporting the sport she enjoys.

Katarzyna works in French and English.