Flore Desnoux

Born in France, Flore Desnoux completed her management studies in Lyon, with a specialization in Human Resources.

She began her professional career in the temporary staffing services area, initially focusing on client acquisition. From 1999 to 2001, she assumed responsibility for a profit centre, managing the team and expanding business. In 2002, Flore moved to a subsidiary company specializing in outplacement and career transition where she delivered training in the context of group severance programs. Subsequently, Flore took responsibility for overseeing and organizing specific training programs on a regional basis. Following that assignment, she joined the permanent staffing division of the same group in Geneva.

Interested in pursuing her career in the Human Resources area, Flore joined the pdp team in May 2005 as Business Development Manager and Consultant.

Flore’s working language is principally French.