Christian Rothlisberger

Christian Rothlisberger is an international-oriented Swiss national. He is imbued with rigor, open-mindedness and humour.

After starting his professional career at KPMG, Christian became passionate about the banking world. He specialized in the field of banking audit, more specifically in matters relating to regulatory compliance (money-laundering, due diligence) and also as a manager in the control field and operational risks. His duties within an international banking group in Geneva led him to travel to various continents, offering him the opportunity to open up to multiculturalism and diversity.

After exercising his talents in a Geneva-based private bank as a senior auditor, Christian joined pdp in 2018 as a senior analyst to identify changes in the regional economic framework and identify opportunities for its candidates (Job Market Intelligence). He is appreciated for his welcoming of candidates, for his contribution to the development of the firm's activities through the enrichment of both economic and social data, and for monitoring the labor market and other promising economic sectors. He observes the different market indicators by its line of business, as well as the structure and operations of companies within Switzerland. He is also in charge of the specialized press for to select relevant and enriching information for pdp but also, and especially, for the candidates.

Christian was brought up and lives in Geneva. He is an active member of the committee of the AST- Swiss Association for transplanted persons and he also holds an Ambassador role with Swisstransplant. Moreover, Christian plays a prominent role in both the social sphere as well as in his collaboration in research projects.

He is an unconditional enthusiast of travel, music, motorsports and outdoor living.