assessment programs

finding the right person for a particular position is a key success criteria for any organization, be it a well-established organization or a recent start-up or relocated company. accordingly, we are here to help you with the different career stages, for internal as much as for external career transitions, be it a selection process, a promotion, a succession plan or a talent management plan, an individual or group development program, or a reorganization.

in these various assessment programs, pdp offers companies, recruiters and private individuals an assessment of their skills, talents and potential, as well as their motivators and values, and, if necessary, helps them put in place actions for development. the behavioral and motivational skills and/or profile assessment help us to understand a person’s behavior, their potential, and motivators related to a specific situation.

our programs use targeted and well-known assessment tools as well as bespoke coaching sessions. they are tailor-made to fulfill the specific needs of each of our clients. they are led by our professionally certified coaches and are set apart by our constructive and positive approach toward development. We select our tools and adapt our assessment program to the specific objectives of your project.

our assessment methodology

our methodology is applied to assessment or development processes and comprises 4 stages as set out below:

  • understand our client’s needs and requirements.
  • identify the determining factors for success
  • develop a personalized assessment program by selecting methods and tools that best suit each need.
  • give open, positive and constructive feedback to all stakeholders


tools used

we favor an exhaustive approach that suits each need and use one or more tools to gather all the information required.

using different tools allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding and overview of the candidates: the skills they have developed, their strengths, weaknesses, potential, motivators, barriers, and behavior.

added value

our fundamental purpose is to allow both individuals and organizations to develop and flourish. confidentiality and respect toward the candidate and the company are part of our core values. all our advisors are professionals who have proven managerial experience and are certified coaches.

we provide a variety of assessment programs over a half-day or a full day, which can include role plays and other tools as necessary.