measuring talents and potentials, evaluating motivation and values, implementing development avenues, is what pdp performance development partners offers to companies and private individuals through several evaluation and assessment programs.

built on targeted and recognized evaluations and personalized coaching, our programs are established according to the specific needs of each of our clients. They are delivered by our certified professional coaches and are characterized by a constructive and positive approach oriented towards development.

Listening to your needs and expectations, pdp provides its expertise and a neutral insight focusing on:

  • internal or external candidate selection process
  • talent management
  • the definition of a coaching and leadership development process
  • your needs for team cohesion and for accompanying change
  • private individual programs which may be crafted for tailor-made personal development assessments.

to answer your unique needs, pdp has chosen several tailor-made evaluation methods for an exhaustive analysis. We work with a variety of approaches and institutionally recognized tools aimed at appreciating diverse human dimensions such as personality, skills and competencies, cognitive capabilities and potential for development as well as values and motivations.

Together with you, we will define the profile criteria to be measured and the most relevant evaluation criteria. These will be addressed through evaluation programs of half a day or a whole day, or assessment processes of a whole day or two days.

Our priority is to bring value and to support the fulfillment of people and organizations’ development. Confidentiality, as well as respect for the candidate and the company are our core values. All pdp coaches have confirmed managerial experience and will know how to:

  • identify the candidate’s strengths and boundaries focusing on the company’s needs
  • evaluate the candidate’s motivations
  • understand the alignment between the candidate’s values with the company’s culture
  • define targeted development areas
  • project mid-term and long-term success